How can a school that cannot maintain its own records, teach us the virtue of good management? Poorly maintained school records pose problems not just for the institution but also for the entire educational system.

The Importance of Record Keeping

Record keeping is crucial for maintaining cost-effectiveness and efficiency of school operations. It also allows them to retrieve important information which may be required at a later point in time.

The availability of this information is crucial for the efficient administration of an institution. Maintaining records also makes a school aware of how it is performing financially and thereby enables it to take the right decision at the right time.

In this way, a school that maintains its records is more likely to achieve its short term and long term educational objectives. Following are some reasons why reliable record keeping is important:


Even though schools are primarily educational institutes, they are still required to handle their finances like any commercial organisation. For this reason, auditors are hired and as a school, you can make their life and job a lot easier by providing them with accurately detailed cash books and stock books.

These books contain important figures that indicate an organisation’s financial health. It includes information such as the stock levels in a school and also their expenditures and income. In the absence of proper records, it may prove to be a difficult task for auditors to carry out the audit of a school’s facilities and funds.

Making Decisions

Proper records provide schools with the raw data that is required to carry out different types of analysis. Conducting such analysis from time to time can be necessary before making important decisions.

In the absence of data, schools may struggle with decision making in matters that are actually rather essential. Analysing performances of teachers and students, maintaining the discipline of staff and students and deciding who should be promoted next are some of functions that demand properly maintained records.


It is not just the huge corporations out there that need a properly functioning human resources team, as even schools participate in the process of hiring and firing. For this reason, they need a team that looks after resource management for them. To carry out such processes efficiently, properly maintained records are a must.

A team that is responsible for managing the resources of a school may need access to information such as the number of staff hired, their qualifications, skills and personal information. It makes the process of recruitment and payroll easier and also allows the school to determine the appraisal of each employee.

Helps Counsellors

In schools, counsellors are entrusted with a big responsibility. It dictates them to help those who come to them and also those who hesitate to approach them. Now how can counsellors help those students that refuse to share what they are going through if they have no record on who those students actually are?

By taking a close look at student records, a counsellor can identify those students who could be in need of counselling. Variations in their performance, whether in academics or extra-curricular activities, can speak volumes about their well-being.

In its own unique way, record keeping can be extremely beneficial to students, their parents, employees of the school and indirectly benefits the entire educational system.

Preserving Records

Now that we have established the importance of maintaining school records properly, we should take a look at how they can be stored properly:


Simply storing data does not qualify as efficient record keeping, though of course that plays a huge part in accurate record keeping. Having massive amounts of unorganised data can lead to confusion and mismanagement. Therefore, every school should classify the data in order to ensure that it can be conveniently accessed whenever required.

File Storage

Once important data has been identified and classified, it should be stored in a way that physical conditions do not cause any damage to the information bank. A good way to go about this would be to file documents and label them for future reference.

Once files have been labelled they should be safely stored inside a plastic container which makes it easier for the files to be kept in one place. They also provide a lot of convenience if they are to be moved from one place to another.

If your school has a lot of students attending, then we would definitely recommend investing in some reliable tote boxes. These can be stacked on top of each other to save space.

Get in touch with us today to know more about how you can safely maintain records in a way that saves space, as well as your important documents.