When you think of improving productivity and efficiency, tote boxes are probably not the first thing that come to mind. Unfortunately, many businesses tend to overlook their importance when they are contemplating ways to streamline various processes.

Every organisation, no matter how big or small, should always take into account the numerous ways that productivity can be improved and then make it their mission to implement the appropriate procedures to make that happen in order to ensure more profitability.

Tote boxes do a tad bit more than just simply move parts, raw materials or components from one place to another. They can have an astonishingly important impact on all the performance indicators of your business.

Here, we will see how tote boxes make our lives easier by highlighting some of their key benefits that are often overlooked.

Tote Boxes and Their Benefits


We’ve already established that tote boxes are essential for the efficiency in the movement of products and components within a manufacturing unit or factory. Yet, there are a number of other ways that they can have a direct impact, including in terms of productivity and cost cutting for your business.

Let’s take a look at what these benefits are and how as a business you can make the most of them:

Improved use of the available floor-space

As mentioned before, along with using totes to move around parts and components in the production unit, they are also used to store items close to where they are to be used and due to their durable, clever design, they can be easily stacked on top of one another.

While the importance of this might not register immediately, it indeed has a knock-on effect in terms of effective and safe use of the available floor space. Take cardboard boxes for instance, if these are left around the production area, it will clutter the floor, not to mention that it is next to impossible to stack them safely atop one another. Cardboard boxes will eventually corrode, thereby possibly ruining valuable stock.

Tote boxes do not have such issues, which makes them the clear winner and the obvious choice for businesses worldwide. You can even use colour coded tote boxes to better keep track of the stock you’re storing and to improve workforce efficiency.

They keep dust and moisture at bay

The entire process of production can be quite messy, resulting in dust and dirt settling on products, which can potentially ruin stock, especially electronics.

Even if your production unit is impeccable, it is a mammoth task to ensure that all the dust and debris from the process itself is eliminated. Yet failing to keep dust and moisture away from your products will end up costing you a fortune in stock loss.

Tote boxes can help remedy this problem. If the components are safely kept locked away, it will ensure that they stay dust free and will remain exactly how they were when you first put them into storage. Thanks to the interlocking lids and sturdy plastic that resists impact and most chemicals, you won’t need to worry about them from the moment you store them inside the tote box until you finally decide to move them elsewhere.

Protection against damage and surface anomalies

In addition to the dust, debris and moisture that can potentially damage components stored in and around production units, there is another type of damage that can prove to be equally costly – surface scratches and damage.

This is specifically true in the case of consumer goods as items will be rejected and returned if they show signs of damage, resulting in a loss of sales and goods being discarded. When items are stowed away safely in tote boxes, the chance of damage occurring due to exposure, bumps and surface anomalies is hugely reduced.

Staff safety

GoBox-1311-LRS-in-robotic-warehouse (1)

Simply put, tote boxes make labour-intensive handling easy and safe, which is of the upmost importance for many businesses. Over one third of reported work-related injuries in the UK are caused by improper manual handling, out of which ten percent of the serious injuries are credited to poor or unsafe handling.

Tote boxes are all of the appropriate size, as per the requirement and have features that do not allow room for overloading. They also feature ergonomic handles for safe, easy lifting, which will help in reducing workplace injuries.

This, when coupled with proper training, can have a considerable impact on productivity and will go a long way in reducing absenteeism as well.

They help reduce your carbon footprint

Tote boxes can play an amazing role in helping to reduce waste that results from packaging. Given the durable nature of eco totes, they provide longevity that leads to cost-effectiveness in the long run.

Not only this, but tote boxes can be used in multiple aspects of your production process, which means you and your business can start to feel better because using plastic rather than cardboard across the company would mean you’d be lowering your carbon footprint, too.

Tote boxes are 100% recyclable, so if you no longer have any use for them and decide to not keep them for any future projects, they don’t take up unnecessary landfill space, which means both you and the planet win!