In most industrial facilities and warehouses, the racks are often packed with pallet boxes and heavy items. As these are racks are stuffed, at times the pallets can fall off and damage stock, the storage facility and even members of staff – which is any employers worst nightmare.

Such facilities need a solution to keep the pallets from falling to prevent the consequent damages that hamper warehouse reliability.

As the owner of the facility, you need to take steps to ensure the safety of your workers, along with the overall continuation of operations within the facility too. You need to understand that pallets fall because of poor storage and stacking practices. Also, heavy duty boxes are often overloaded and not stored as they should be.

You’ll make a huge difference in the storing pattern of your facility by simply stacking the pallets in the right manner. This you can achieve by introducing just a little order into all the chaos.

Read the tips mentioned below to know how you can make those pallets stay put to reduce the ensuing risks and injuries involved – and keep your inventory in perfect condition at all times with these simple, yet effective methods.

Maintain sufficient lateral space amidst pallet racks

If pallets are stored in close proximity, it becomes quite tasking for forklifts to reach the products. The driver then tries adjusting the truck to access the racks but while doing this, the driver might end up bumping into the adjoining racks, triggering a cascade of pallet and rack collapse.

As per industry standards, the beam should be more than the maximum total width, plus 12 inches. Don’t compromise on the extra space as it will keep the driver from accidentally hitting the rack or the pallet.

Have adequate lighting installed in your facility

If there aren’t enough lights installed in the facility, it will lead to errors and will also be the cause of incorrect stacking of the pallets on the racks. Use modern lighting systems to illuminate the rack aisles.

If the shelves are lit up properly, it will contribute towards making your facility a safer place to work.  Efficient lighting decreases the instances of accidents and greatly impacts the productivity of employees.

Keep away from dilapidated pallets

Ensure that you use quality pallets and heavy duty euro containers that are certified to handle the load of a unit. Do not use dilapidated pallets for any storage purpose as the outcome could be disastrous when these come apart.

Store heavy items on lower bays of the racks

Heavy items must always be stored on the lower bays of the racks for obvious reasons. Not only will it give the racks more stability, but it will also make the loading and unloading from the top racks error-free and smooth.

Train the drivers properly

For better handling of the products and their storage, it is very important that forklift drivers are trained well. In order to reduce the likelihood of product and pallet collapse, it’s crucial for them to learn how to efficiently manoeuvre the forklift amidst aisles.

Being hands on with forklift navigation and handling in the facility will enable appropriate loading and unloading and accelerate the process of effective stacking. It’s also vital that you have all members of staff trained to industry standards.

When all these tips are applied with due diligence, you’ll notice that the chances of products falling from their designated place is next to nil.

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