30L Pickmaster Container Original Totebox (400l x 300w x 320h mm)

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30 Litre Original Totebox Pickmaster Container

A heavy duty euro stacking container made from industrial strength Polypropylene (PP).

Designed to maximise storage space and speed picking operations, new “Pickmaster” Euro Stacking Containers securely stack and feature a large open side that provides easy access to contents.

Less expensive than most shelving units and providing denser storage, Pickmaster crates help users to increase storage capacity and save money.

Combining Pickmaster crates with a Totebox dolly enables heavy loads to be moved with minimal effort.

External measurements: 400l x 300w x 320h mm

Internal measurements: 370x270x305h mm

Weight: 1.59 Kg

Stack two up (side by side) on 600 x 400mm euro stacking containers.

*Colours: Grey

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