Barton Bins - Picking Bins

Barton Bins or Barton Topstore Bins are effective small parts storage system for a wide range of materials. They are perfect for creating an effective, organised and customised small parts storage system and can be stacked on top of one another or used in conjunction with wall mounted louvred panels.

Stackable, durable and versatile with colour, size, divider and labelling options, they can be used with louvre panels, cabinets and shelving or positioned on bench to store spare parts, tools and components.

Barton Bins are also resistant to most industrial solvents and with an easy to clean surface finish, they are ideal for use in warehouses, workshops, factories, garages and vans. They can also be used on their own, on shelves or stacked on top of each other which makes them versatile. Labels can be used to make identification easy and dividers are available to create custom compartments within a bin.

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  • TC2 RED

    Colour Coded Barton Bin TC2 Containers – H75 x W100 x D165 mm – Pack Of 20 Bins

  • TC3Y

    Colour Coded Barton Bin TC3 Containers – H132 x W150 x D240 mm – Pack Of 10 Bins

  • TC4

    Colour Coded Barton Bin TC4 Containers – H132 x W205 x D350 mm – Pack Of 10 Bins

  • TC5G

    Colour Coded Barton Bin TC5 Containers – H182 x W205 x D350 mm – Pack Of 10 Bins

  • TC6 RED

    Colour Coded Barton Bin TC6 Containers – H182 x W420 x D375 mm – Pack Of 5 Bins

  • TC7

    Colour Coded Barton Bin TC7 Containers – H200 x W310 x D520 mm – Pack Of 5 Bins

  • TP1

    Wall Mounted Louvre Panel for Barton Bins – Pack of 2 Panels