Wheeled Plastic Moulded Boxes

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  • LID FOR 227L Moulded Truck (830l x 640w mm)

    £28.55£38.55 ex VAT
  • e967

    227L Moulded Truck (900 x 660 x 600mm)

    £153.33 ex VAT
  • R8967

    Lid For 227L Moulded Truck

    £38.33 ex VAT
  • e968yellow

    304L Moulded Truck (970x670x710h mm)

    £153.33 ex VAT
  • E8968

    Lid For 304L Moulded Truck

    £40.00 ex VAT
  • 320L Moulded Truck

    320L Moulded Truck (1010 x 685 x 735mm)

    £115.00 ex VAT
  • LID FOR 320L Moulded Truck (1010L x 685w mm)

    £37.85 ex VAT
  • E8972

    Lid For 450L Moulded Truck

    £45.00 ex VAT
  • e972red

    450L Moulded Truck (1290 x 700 x 740mm)

    £173.33 ex VAT
  • 455L Moulded Truck

    455L Moulded Truck (1370 x 775 x 765mm)

    £143.33 ex VAT
  • LID FOR 455L Moulded Truck (1370l x 775w mm)

    £43.58 ex VAT

Searching for ways to knock your warehouse into shape by concentrating on free space too? Well, look no further because Plastic Box Warehouse have exactly what you need.

We have an array of moulded boxes in terms of shapes, sizes and colours. The size of these wheeled plastic moulded boxes ranges from 72L to 455L and they are available in red, orange, yellow, white, blue, green and off white.

These are the perfect storage solution if you have stock that often needs moving from place to place. All boxes can be equipped with a sturdy lid and all sizes are durable storage options.

Depending on your storage needs and requirements, pick up any of these moulded truck’s and make running your business easier.