Ingredient Containers & Trolleys

Ingredients containers are extremely useful in bakeries, hotels, kitchens, factories and many other environments where dry goods need to be dispensed. They are ingeniously designed to be filled at the top and emptied at the bottom, ensuring product rotation. Contents are protected from dust, damp and contamination. The containers offer hygienic protection of contents and also helps to avoid spillage and waste. The front aperture allows contents to be accessed easily – the best way to do this is with the our plastic scoops.

These ingredients containers can play an important role in your colour-coding system, helping you to sort, segregate, access and store dry food or pharmaceutical products safely. We offer a wide range of colours, so it’s easy to supplement an existing system or establish an entirely new one. For a space and cost-effective solution, these robust, easy-to-clean ingredients dispensers cannot be beaten.

Ingredients trolleys are designed to fit under standard height tables to ensure that space is utilised efficiently. They are ideal for storing and transporting drying ingredients, with castors for easy manoeuvrability. The clear lid protects contents.

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