Confectionery Trays & Bread Trays

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  • RRM35DYN

    Dolly for confectionery trays

    £81.40 ex VAT

At Plastic Box Warehouse, we provide an array of confectionery and bread trays that are ideal to use in large-scale plant bakeries and food factories. These trays were originally intended to be used as bakery solutions, but in recent years, they are now being used in food manufacturing, retail and supermarket industries too.

Our confectionery and bread trays are made from industrial, food grade plastic, meaning they are extremely hygienic to use.

Plastic Box Warehouse also offer plastic dollies that keep these boxes off the floor so that you can move them around effortlessly, without impacting your hygiene standards

Confectionery trays are mostly utilised for point of sale displays (POS) of baked food items. As these trays have hand holes on either side, they are easy to handle and stack on top of one another.

On the other hand, our semi-ventilated loaf bread baskets provide the confectionery industry and bakeries an ideal storage solution to use whilst they are cooling products after they have been baked.

To enhance their efficiency, we provide bakery racks and dollies too.