ECO Supermarket Crates

The lowest price industrial attached lid containers.
These heavy duty durable containers are manufactured from high quality recycled polypropylene, which allows us to pass significant savings onto the end user and offer an unbeatable price. As they are made from recycled plastic, they also offer significant environmental benefits too.

Manufactured from recycled plastic, EcoTotes are exempt from the new UK Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) (effective April 2022)

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  • 15L Heavy Duty Stacking & Nesting Crate (400x300x180mm)

    £7.56 ex VAT
  • 35L Heavy Duty Stacking & Nesting Crate Ventilated (600x400x199mm)

    £8.15 ex VAT
  • 42ltr supermarket bale arm crate. Shows bale arms folded over to allow another crate to be stacked on top.

    44L Heavy Duty Stacking & Nesting Crate Ventilated (600x400x253mm)

    £9.82 ex VAT
  • 54L Stacking & Nesting Crate Ventilated Sides & Solid Base (600x400x300mm)

    £13.31 ex VAT
  • 600 x 400 Red Dolly on wheels to move products around

    ORIGINAL TOTEBOX TOTEDOLLY Suitable For 600 x 400mm Boxes – Grey or Red

    £39.79 ex VAT
  • ECO Dolly with 4 swivel wheels for ease of movement

    Eco Totedolly Suitable For 600x400mm Containers

    £36.38 ex VAT