Food Handling Products

Our range of Food handling products provide a variety of solutions for your needs

Supermarket crates or bale arm crates are the leading food produce tray for retail grocery logistics and point-of-sale display. The crates inter-stack with each other for the safe distribution of fruit and vegetables, pre-packaged meats, fish and ready meals.

The bale arm can be moved to enable the containers to both stack and nest. When the bale arm is opened containers nest saving up to 76% of their original height. The alternative stacked height allows efficient distribution and means the same tray can be used for a number of different applications.

We have a range of great value, heavy duty and colour coded supermarket crates to choose from.

Confectionery trays and bread trays are ideal bakery solutions. They are made from industrial, food grade plastic and are extremely hygienic. We have several bread trays designed to carry either twelve to fifteen loaves of bread and our confectionery trays come in a range of colours and sizes.

Our range of Ingredient Containers are extremely useful in bakeries, hotels, kitchens, factories and many other environments where dry goods need to be dispensed. They are ingeniously designed to be filled at the top and emptied at the bottom, ensuring product rotation. Contents are protected from dust, damp and contamination. The containers offer hygienic protection of contents and also helps to avoid spillage and waste. The front aperture allows contents to be accessed easily – the best way to do this is with the our plastic scoops.

These ingredients containers can play an important role in your colour-coding system, helping you to sort, segregate, access and store dry food or pharmaceutical products safely. We offer a wide range of colours, so it’s easy to supplement an existing system or establish an entirely new one. For a space and cost-effective solution, these robust, easy-to-clean ingredients dispensers cannot be beaten.

Our round bins are suitable for standalone use or as part of a comprehensive logistics system. They are widely used by food manufacturers, bakeries, meat processing, abattoirs, horticulture and farming and are also widespread in the chemical, engineering, recycling and waste management industries.

This range of round bins nest when not in use for space-saving storage. Available in a variety of colours and capacities, they complement your company branding and are also ideal for colour coding. Smooth construction ensures easy cleaning. Lids & trolleys suitable for use with this design can also be purchased.

Our molded plastic trucks with wheels, with and without a drop on lid, are available in a choice of eight standard sizes, a choice of colours, and are manufactured from either a tough and durable food grade, or recycled polyethylene plastic raw material. Our plastic trucks are well suited for both high care and hygiene applications.

DOLAV box pallet is made of smooth surfaces making them easy to clean, as a one piece moulded product these are more hygenic than other plastic options – a market leader in food production and storage products.

DOLAV structural foam means thicker walls, stronger edges and an extraordinary lifespan, making you invest in a partner for life. As a one piece moulded unit the movement and handling with our 3 runner base design makes tipping and moving smoother and safer.

Whether -40°C or +60°C – your future DOLAV is prepared for extremes; from cold storage to deserts and everything in between.