Heavy Duty Supermarket Crates

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  • sn642602

    46ltr – Maxinest Stacking & Nesting Crate Ventilated (600x400x267mm)

    £12.08 ex VAT
  • SN431802 black

    Heavy Duty Stacking & Nesting Crate 15ltr (400x300x180mm)

    £6.91 ex VAT
  • sn641902

    Heavy Duty Stacking & Nesting Crate Ventilated 35ltr (600x400x199mm)

    £7.74£8.75 ex VAT
  • Heavy Duty Stacking & Nesting Crate Ventilated 44ltr (600x400x253mm)

    £8.16£9.63 ex VAT
  • ORIGINAL TOTEBOX TOTEDOLLY Suitable For 600 x 400mm Boxes – Grey or Red

    £30.20 ex VAT

What makes these bale arm swing bar crates ideal for supermarkets is that they are amazingly sturdy and environmentally friendly too. Our bale arm swing bar boxes are well-suited for all the stacking and nesting work that is to be done in a supermarket or any other similar environment.

These supermarket crates are available in varying sizes, with diverse features to store items that have different storage needs. Some of these crates come with built-in ventilation mechanisms.

The standard heavy-duty bale arm supermarket crate is designed to be used for multiple purposes, over a period of time, so that they have a minimal impact on the environment. This makes it a rather perfect solution for any supermarket that is trying to reduce its carbon footprint.

Its sturdiness and ventilation mechanism with impressive nesting abilities allows for safe stacking of crates, without damaging the goods stored within them. This makes them extremely suitable and handy for use within supermarkets.