Eco Totes

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  • 22L Tote Box, Attached Lid Container (400 x 300 x 264h mm)

  • 25L Tote Box, Attached Lid Container (400 x 300 x 306h mm)

  • 5 x Large Toteboxes 64L (600x400x365mm)

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    Tote Box – 54L Attached Lid Container – Eco Tote – (600 x 400 x 320h mm)

  • Tote Box – Attached Lid Container – 64L (600 x 400 x 365h mm)

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    Tote Box, Attached Lid Container, 40L (600 x 400 x 250h mm)

  • Tote Box – 80L Attached Lid Container – Eco Tote (710 x 460 x 368h mm)

  • GoDolly 64 NL

    Dolly Suitable For 600 x 400mm Boxes – Grey

  • Cable Ties – Bag of 1,000

  • doj90501

    Dolly Suitable For 600x400mm Containers

  • Security Seals – Bag of 1,000

  • Security Seals – Bag of 1,000 (Copy) (Copy)

  • Security Seals – Bag of 500

  • 10080 black with green lid

    5 x Extra Large Tote Boxes – 80L (710 x 460 x 368h mm)

  • 1005B_ Black-Green

    5 x Large Tote Boxes – 54L (600 x 400 x 320h mm)

  • voidloc

    Voidloc Tamper Evident Labels – Pack Of 1,000 Labels


Additional Information

These attached lid eco tote boxes are massively cost-effective and are made up of durable plastic, making them perfect for logistical operations and storage.

For our environmental friendly customers, these boxes are the perfect choice as they are created using recycled materials, these attached lid containers are strong and long-lasting, and available at an affordable price.

Offered in a range of colours, eco totes are designed to be used time and time again and have the ability to endure damage caused due to cyclical use in industrial settings.

Our eco totes are produced in the UK to a high standard, giving you a product that lasts longer. The sturdy plastic can resist impact, moisture and most chemicals.

As these eco totes have a tapered design, it becomes all the simpler to nest them inside one another, which lets you save necessary space while in transit or storage. They also feature ergonomic handles for safe, easy lifting.

Stackable plastic storage solutions are hugely in demand thanks to the numerous benefits they offer, not to mention the environmental benefits one can reap from these plastic boxes.

For more information, get in contact with our team.