Heavy Duty Tote Boxes

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  • at002004

    20L Tote Box (400 x 300 x 252h mm)

  • CSS ALC28 Blue

    28L Attached Lid Container (400 x 300 x 300h mm)

  • at002504

    25L Tote Box (400 x 300 x 320h mm)

  • CSS ALC32 Green

    32L Attached Lid Container (475x335x275h mm)

  • 40L ALC - Orig With Flag

    40L Tote Box (600 x 400 x 250h mm)

  • CSS ALC43 Blue

    43L Attached Lid Container (600x400x250h mm)

  • 54L ALC - Orig With Flag

    54L Tote Box (600 x 400 x 320h mm)

  • CSS ALC55 Blue

    55L Attached Lid Container (600x400x300h mm)

  • 64L Tote Box (600 x 400 x 365h mm)

  • CSS ALC70

    70L Attached Lid Container (600x400x370h mm)

  • at0a6b04

    80L Tote Box (710 x 460 x 368h mm)

  • Cable Ties – Bag of 1,000

  • Security Seals – Bag of 1,000

  • Security Seals – Bag of 500

  • 00701-totebox-seals

    Security Seals (Randomly Numbered) Bags Of 1,000

  • voidloc

    Voidloc Tamper Evident Labels – Pack Of 1,000 Labels


Additional Information

A perfect transportation and storage solution, these heavy-duty tote boxes are a durable option and they can help you save huge amounts of necessary space for storage.

Due to their ideal size that is suitable for an array of applications, these plastic boxes prove to be easy to handle when loaded or empty. This allows for them to be moved from one place to another with a fair amount of ease.

Our heavy-duty tote boxes are produced in the UK to a high standard and are made from virgin plastic, giving you a product that lasts longer.

Their simple design means they are easy to clean. Available in sizes ranging from 300x200mm to 600x400mm, these plastic boxes come with two-part lids that allows for the contents in them to be accessed quickly without uncovering it entirely.

These heavy-duty containers are available in blue, green and dark green and can be piled up on one another in order to save some space.

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