Tote Boxes & Attached Lid Containers

Attached Lid Containers or Tote Boxes are excellent as distribution containers. The boxes incorporate an integral hinged lid and tamper evident security when used in conjunction with our security seals. The boxes nest when empty to save space and stack on top of one another when full. We have a range of lightweight, heavy duty, colour coded and large Tote Boxes. Please take a look at our boxes below for further information.

Additional information

Tote boxes and attached lid containers are the perfect storage solution and a very popular choice amongst numerous industries. Their hinged lids enable them to be securely stacked on top of each other, but if you’re struggling to find necessary storage space, these sturdy plastic boxes can also be emptied and nested, saving up to 75% of space. You may have heard people refer to them as Croc Boxes or Alligator Crates – this is because they are renowned for interlinking lids which strongly resemble teeth. Great For: 
  • Use within the retail industry.
  • Popular for warehouse storage.
  • Aid in logistics as they are great during the distribution process.
  • Industrial storage, all thanks to their durability.
  • Protection of costly equipment and cargo.
  • Can be used for events.