Having an office space that is well organised speaks volumes about an individual’s productivity. You might question the importance of having a systematic office space, but once you see how much it positively impacts productivity, you will realise how vastly important it is.

You might have just moved house and are in the process of setting up a work space within the comfort of your new home. Or perhaps you’ve decided that enough is enough, and that you need to have a proper work space if you are to work from home consistently.

But just because you will be working from home, it doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on the experience that comes with working in a physical office space. It’s important to have a dedicated area to work in, otherwise you will struggle to feel at ease when you’ve clocked out.

It makes sense to have a home office that is both organised and highly efficient as well. Luckily, there are things that you can do to build an office space that is productive, orderly and functional.

Mentioned below are 5 hacks that you can put into practice to make this happen.

Spend on comfort

When buying a couch or bed for your home, you obviously think about the comfort that it will bring you. But many a time, people fail to take comfort into consideration when picking out chairs, tables or desks for their home office. They tend to choose what is utilitarian and quite often, the cheapest.

This can cause problems as you cannot be productive if you’re slouching over a desk that isn’t quite high enough. Not to mention the back ache you’ll be experiencing from a cheap, uncomfortable office chair…

You can hardly get anything done if you are nursing eyestrains and headaches resulting from the poor lighting in your workspace. The biggest issue in a home office is poor ergonomics.

As you will be spending at least eight hours per day in your home office, it only makes sense that you spend on comfort so that productivity isn’t impacted at all.

Update all your devices and network

Once you set up your home office, the chances are, your existing internet service, devices, home network and apps may not have the capacity to cope with the new workload you expect them to bear.

You might find that it takes an eternity to send large documents and file downloads, which could eventually make your computer unresponsive. If your job heavily involves confidential customer data, you will seriously need to reconsider your security options.

For example, if you are an e-merchant, you will have to ensure that your order fulfilment process is flawless. Thanks to the new GDPR, businesses are now expected to be a lot more responsible with the data they attain from customers.

You will need to update all your devices, apps and operating systems to be at the peak of productivity. If you don’t get them working to their full capacity, issues such as network slow-downs, will hinder your work process. Make sure that you do the following:

  • Enquire about a business package from your ISP provider
  • Consider opting for the ‘professional’ version on all apps
  • Have the latest operating system in place along with a secure antivirus protection
  • Consider getting outdated devices replaced

Get rid of clutter and objects of intrusion from personal life

When you have a home office, there is a thin line between personal and professional life and if you aren’t too careful, this line tends to get blurred. There is a pretty good chance that your workspace may become cluttered with toys, books that you might be reading and other personal items which clearly don’t belong in your office space.

For this reason alone, regular office cleaning is very important. It’s something that you should not skip on to make sure that stuff doesn’t get in the way of being productive. For this purpose, you can use office storage boxes to make sure that the line between professional and personal life stays intact.

Choosing the best storage options

You will end up storing a number of things within your home office. This may include manuals, product catalogues, paper files, books and even physical products.

If you don’t stow these away properly and safely, your work documents will turn out to be a heap of unmanageable mess. To segregate important work documents, you can make use of colour coded tote boxes that will help you keep tabs on what is stored where. You should consider getting tote boxes over an old-fashioned filing cabinet because they can store far more and are the more space efficient solution because they are stackable.

You should definitely consider storing all paper files on a digital platform too. This will help save space and reduce clutter, but for those all-important items that must be kept in a physical form, a safe, sturdy storage solution is what you need to get organised.

Become inspired

Inspiration is directly linked to better productivity. While you might avoid clutter in the rest of your home, opting for a more minimalist approach instead, it doesn’t mean that your workspace should be completely stripped and barren of anything creative whatsoever.

Liven up the space by adding a few personal momentos, maybe a picture of your family, posters bearing inspirational quotes or artwork that gets you feeling inspired.  Create a space that appeals to you, because in turn, it will appeal to your productivity.

Make sure that you stay on top of your home and office organisation in order to maximise on productivity. Don’t forget that you will deal with challenges and distractions that are not generally faced by employees in a traditional workspace, such as the struggle to get motivated without a boss breathing down your neck.

Try incorporating a few of these hacks, if not all of them, to create and maintain an office space that you absolutely thrive in.

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