The garage is one such space in our homes that is often neglected and needless to say, overtime it becomes extremely messy. When this happens, organising it becomes quite the task, but this doesn’t mean that it is impossible to make sense of the mess.

With a few ingenious organising tips up your sleeve, you can make a garage more functional and useful, while also giving the space a modern touch. Yes, it is possible to accommodate your car, tools, toys, sporting equipment and cleaning supplies, along with those beach chairs all in one space.

Here’s how to go about it…

Classify Your Garage into Zones

Your garage is probably the space where you store an array of items. So, keeping this in mind, divide the space into six separate zones –

  1. Transition Zone
  2. Need It Now
  3. Long, Tall, Thin Storage
  4. Large Item Storage
  5. Frequently Used Items
  6. Workspace

Once you’ve specified the zones, it will become easier for you to navigate around the space and locate things more quickly.

Put Up A Couple of Cabinets

Installing cabinets isn’t just restricted to bathrooms and kitchens. Your garage cabinets can store cleaning supplies, tools and seasonal items out of the way. Make use of the zones that you’ve created and accordingly group items by activity, category or project and keep all the related items in the designated cabinet. When you do this, you will introduce order into the chaos of your garage and make sure that everything is where it should be.

Arrange Items in a Manner That They Are Visible

Free up garage space by arranging items in plain view. To induce visibility which will eventually lead to easy accessibility of items, you can introduce small open-storage units in the space as these are ideal for storing items that are used often. You can also use really useful boxes that are transparent which aids visibility, or open containers that will improve the overall visibility in your garage space.

Introduce Hanging Storage

If you’re running out of floor space, you can turn to your garage’s walls and ceilings to accommodate and store more items. Installing adjustable shelves is ideal as they will give you the required flexibility to organise in a manner that’s effective for your home’s ever-increasing storage needs.

Colourful stacking and nesting boxes are easy to place on shelves so as to capitalise on the available storage space and also to make the stored items more conspicuous. Also, these boxes are one of the most inexpensive ways to arrange all the clutter, especially if your garage is prone to getting damp.

Prioritise Safety

Items that you use frequently should be stored in cabinets or units that are easiest to reach. Take special care and precaution when storing paints, cleaning supplies and motor oil. Store these in a cool and dry place and in a manner that these are placed far away from the reach of children and pets. Work out the logistics and placements of items beforehand.

Use Hooks

Consider installing hooks in the garage space if you want certain items to be out of the way without compromising on their easy accessibility. In order to store tools that have long handles or in case of seasonal items like sleds, bikes and lawn chairs, hooks are a great go-to option.

Consider Having Mobile Options in Your Garage

Clear storage bins, rolling carts and cabinets are easy to move around in the garage space. Store trash and recycling bins, as well as gardening tools near the garage door so that these can be moved easily outside when the requirement arises.

While the storage needs that most garages will have can be more or less the same, garage organising isn’t usually a one-size-fits-all situation. Tailor your garage storage and organisation in a manner that suits your lifestyle, belongings and of course your budget as well.

Units that have options for both open and closed storage are a great choice for garages. Plus, you can undertake DIY projects to make the space more functional and personalised to your taste.

To know more about the available storage units for your garage and to see how we can be of help, get in touch with the team at Plastic Box Warehouse today.