For many centuries now, bakeries have been constants of everyday lives for many hungry individuals. For as long as we know people flock to their local store for a quick bite, to buy something sweet for the kids, or to buy bagels and croissants for the whole office.

As such a key business in the market, it’s important that your bakery is up to date and streamlined in such a way that it obtains maximum output while also being efficient.

Increasing Bakery Capacity

Fresh DoughnutsFor a bakery to match the supply with the demand, it comes as no surprise that they are looking for equipments and means that are made to cut down time and add to the output. Bakers make every effort to streamline their production lines and make them as efficient and flexible as possible. Production lines that are efficient and flexible make way for more capacity, variety and opportunity to expand.

When you grow, expansion becomes necessary. To better accommodate the needs that are a part of the impending expansion, it becomes essential for bakers to have a facility design that can encourage those goals all the while saving money and other resources.

Irrespective of the size or the scale of your operation, your goals are more or less the same as your competitors. For this purpose, having equipments and means that can deliver more while costing you less is preferred.

In case you’re reaching your maximum bakery capacity and are looking out for options, here are some ideas that can come to your rescue:

Use Equipment That Is Energy Efficient

Energy costs are no joke. Luckily, there are equipments available in the market that are highly efficient and save considerable amount of energy. Look for equipments that are resourceful in every aspect. Equipment that is designed in a manner to work well for you goes a long way in cutting down time and money that would otherwise be wasted.

Better Product Output

What adjustments can you make in your baking formula? If you speed up the process, how much more can you produce? You can use heavy duty bread basket for all bread products, or increase the hydration of your dry ingredients to cut down the mixing time and use less yeast.

If you face a situation where demand begins to exceed supply, it shouldn’t pressure you or your employees who do what they can with the available space and resources. If your bakery has a small floor plan, you can still add to the output capacity by adopting simple strategies.

Should space become an issue, consider buying confectionery trays and bread trays along with stackable commercial ovens and you will be able to make the most of the means available.

Enhance Effectiveness

One of the ways that bakeries lose money is through food wastage – be it through faulty equipment, or by disposing away unsold products.

Examine your kitchen areas and figure out what needs to be upgraded. At Plastic Box Warehouse, we provide durable storage solutions that will retain and preserve the quality of food, high-powered motors and larger fans that will create a better performing airflow and result in more baking and less spoiled products.

It is best to procure equipment that have good return on investment and will last for a long time.

Storage and StowingBread on a shelf

Irrespective of the size of your bakery and its scale of operation, you will need to have a place for everything for better organisation and flow. Store your supplies using dolly for confectionery trays, bread crates and tote boxes for other storage purposes. You can creatively put away pots and pans by hanging them from the ceilings. Find more creative storage solutions to pack away cooking utensils and baking supplies.

Storage has to be smooth and aligned as it helps streamline packaging. Packaged materials end up being stored incorrectly and thus attention has to be paid that expert storage implies to every aspect of the bakery.

Dealing with transitions and materials needed at every stage of production is the key to ensuring that the entire line of process runs smoothly. For instance, something as simple as storing packed ingredients for easy access to the scaling station improves efficiency.

Recognising ways to improve at each point of transition helps the whole line of production and increases the resulting output.

So, get in touch with us today to simplify storage solutions in your bakery today!