It’s been more than 60 years since digital music and CDs have stolen the limelight, yet for many music enthusiasts, vinyl records still remain at the top of their list when it comes to authenticity. As a matter of fact, people now love listening to vinyl records more than ever.

And honestly, what is there not to love about it?

After all, vinyl records that are kept in tip-top condition are a delight to behold; not only do they sound amazing, but they are also free of extreme surface noise and of course, they are a piece of art. Nothing quite compares to the feeling evoked from unwinding with a glass a wine, good company and a timeless vinyl record.

But on the other hand, poorly maintained records are not at all appealing. In fact, the immersive music experience is disrupted by the incessant sound of clicks and pops, there is a constant, eerie noise in the background and the record constantly skips or stops entirely.

So, it will come as no surprise that we encourage all vinyl enthusiasts to store their prized possessions in the perfect environment – or forever regret it.

And to help you with just that, the team at Plasticbox Warehouse have put together 5 tips on how to store your vinyl records the right way, making certain that they remain in top-notch condition, allowing you to “rock ‘n’ roll” whenever required.

Ensure your records are squeaky clean!

Before putting your records away, see to it that they’re dirt-free. For that, make use of a lint-free, squashy cloth, dip it in distilled water, then wipe the records in a circular motion to get rid of the dust it may have collected.

If you’re a hard-core fan and have a colossal collection of this artwork, then we suggest that you purchase a mini vacuum cleaner specifically designed to help with this task.

Use the right cover and sleeve to wrap them up!

Though cleaning your records is essential, it isn’t enough. You’ve got to put them in proper sleeves and covers, as their sole purpose is to prevent warping and keeping scratches at bay. If you’ve thrown them out, don’t panic. You can get them from any nearby music shop and if you don’t have access to any locally, there is the option to purchase them from a storage material supplier.

However, if you wish to be a bit more careful with your vinyl records, then you can even go for a thicker, outer sleeve to save the inner one from any damage.

Resort to the ideal storage box

The proper way to stow your precious records is to place them vertically in order to prevent scratches and for doing just that, you’ll have to make use of the ideal storage solution. You need to ensure that you purchase crates that are sturdy enough to hold onto your entire collection.

Wine crates can work effectively short term, but it’s always better to make use of tote boxes, especially when you’ve got 12 inch vinyl albums.

Since countless people fancy the collection of vinyl records, it’s quite easy for you to find the right storage box in nearby shops.

On a side note, as vinyl albums come in various sizes, 7 and 12 inch for example, it’s better to store them separately in large tote boxes intended specifically for each.

Store your records in a cool and dry environment

Surprisingly, these albums can easily resist lower temperatures – it is direct light and heat that you’ve got to worry about. That being said, it’s your responsibility to make certain that they’re being placed in a room where the temperature is not more than 18-21 degrees.

Apart from heat, even moisture plays a huge role in damaging your records. So, see to it that the humidity level ranges from 45% to 50%.

Handle them in the right manner

Doing all the things above will certainly help you maintain your precious vinyl record collection but lacking the correct knowledge on how to properly handle them will make all the difference.

Touching the surface of your vinyl will spread grease and oil from your fingers across the vinyl surface, which is the sole reason why you’ve got to pick your records up from its edges. Remember this every time you are handling them with care.

Well, there we have it – our 5 tips to storing your vinyl records in the right way to ensure that they last for as long as possible. Put these guidelines to use and after 20 years, you’ll still be seeing the benefits of reading this quick and simple guide.

For more information on storing and organising your priceless belongings, feel free to get in touch with us today.