What makes a grocery store perfect? How can you increase its sales? How can you ensure your customers keep walking through your doors time and time again? These are probably questions that regularly pop into your head, perhaps even on a daily basis.

Of course, the number and variety of products you display play a crucial role in increasing the sales at your store, but those aside, the layout of a shop is also vital if you want to get it right.

We have all seen customers going over their budget in stores just because the products are arranged in such a way that they couldn’t stop themselves from reaching for it. In fact, we’re all guilty of it to some degree.

Now, the next question that pops up is… which store layout is best for ramping up sales? Well, the team at Plastic Box Warehouse is right here to help you work that out. Here are some great tips to utilise your store layout to maximise profits.

Place flowers near the entrance

You must be thinking why do you need flowers right at the entrance of your store, right? Well, the answer is that it helps you to liven up the mood of your customers the moment they walk into your store.

Better yet, use flowers that are yet to be sold. Not only are you brightening the place up, but you’ll also be making a profit from customers wanting to grab a bunch without needing to go out of their way – think apologetic husbands that are in the doghouse for leaving the house a mess…

Store produce correctly

Store produce correctly

One thing that will impact your store’s ability to sell produce is how fresh it is.  If your produce looks a little worse for wear or smells a little funky, people won’t buy them at all.

Since most deliveries come between Monday to Friday and are fresh during that time, try to gain the highest sales during these 5 key days.

Keep products that need to remain fresh in the right storage solutions. At Plastic Box Warehouse, we have all kinds of storage solutions for supermarkets. If you wish to organise your store in a super efficient manner, then try our awesome colour coded supermarket crates.  And for storing items behind closed doors, our euro containers are perfect for products that need to be stored safely but in bulk.

Store bakery products beyond the entrance

Bakery products are the one thing that keeps our salivary glands going, even if we’ve declared we are on a diet. The smell of these sweet, baked goods make us feel hungry despite our best efforts to resist.

Also, these are the products that are bought by most people. So store them in such a place where they will not only be easily grabbed but where they will also gain the attention of the majority of customers.

Putting them at the ends of long aisles is a good idea. Having them proudly displayed close to the tills where customers are likely going to spend some time queueing (and therefore getting hungrier) is a sneaky but effective idea too.

Once you’ve decided where to display them, get yourself some confectionary trays so that you can store your yummy goods in the right way.

Keep milk, lunch items and snacks close to the entrance

These are the products that fly off the shelves if displayed correctly. People often nip into stores to grab something quick whilst on the go. If you display refrigerated snacks alongside sandwiches, cold drinks and the like, these items won’t stay there for long. ‘Grab and go’ is a popular sign in stores for a reason…

Store general merchandise and canned goods in the centre of your store

Store general merchandise and canned goods in the centre of your store

There are many things that come under this huge category and not all of them are essential – some are a part of our daily routine, while others are just there to attract extra profit.

So, store all these in the centre aisle to draw consumers deeper while they are looking for something else. You’ve probably fallen for it yourself – you’re looking for something for dinner but end up buying a three-tier steamer and a new screwdriver set. Don’t worry, it’s happened to the best of us.

Store oversized and bulky items on the bottom shelf

In general, stores have three to four shelves in each aisle. The upper shelves must be used to store lightweight, commonly used products, whereas the lower shelves should be used to store bulky, heavier items.

Bottom shelves are also a good place to store branded or cheaper items, as they don’t really need to catch the attention of your customers. People who tend to use branded items will always go out of their way to find them, as there’s no need to go over the top with displaying them.

The tips we’ve discussed above about perfecting your store layout will not only influence customers to purchase additional products but also give your store an organised and better look. There is nothing worse in a consumers mind than when they walk into a store that is cluttered, messy and completely unorganised.

Using effective storage solutions throughout your store will give your shop a professional, clean feel which is exactly the vibe you’re aiming for!

For solutions to your ever-growing storage problems, get in touch with the team at Plastic Box Warehouse today.