A retail store has to be a place for everything and everything should be in its place! This line in itself is enough to understand the significance of what a stockroom means to a retail business.

Now, let’s say you’ve got a customer who wants to buy a really expensive product from the store and their preferred size colour is not on the floor. This is when you head to your stockroom, however you cannot really find that product. Whilst you’re busy searching around endlessly, your customer gets exhausted and walks away.

Utilise the Right Storage Units

Of course, this is an obvious way of organising a stockroom. But, these days you’ve got a varying range of storage units and it’s always worth shopping around for a more suitable option for your inventory.

With modern shelving systems comes a wide range of ideal storage solutions helping you to maximise the available space.Say for instance, if you’re stocking small products and components, then opting for picking bins and small parts storage can work wonders to keep your stockroom well-organised.

If you find that the stockroom is always full beyond its capacity, then you could perhaps install mobile shelving. Although, it’s quite expensive, it could certainly increase the capacity as well as enhance the efficiency of your stockroom.

Make Complete Use of Vertical Space

Are you running out of space because of the complete mayhem in your stockroom? Try maximising the area by making the most out of available vertical space. Businesses often miss out on this trick, since they feel that they’ve got sufficient space to stow away their stock. However, due to sudden market driven stock alterations and business growth, the stockroom might get filled sooner than you’d expect.

Preferably, purchase some racking and shelving units early on to ease congestion. With so many things going on in your head, managing and organising the stockroom often shifts down on the priority list, which leads to wasteful workarounds.

Bear in mind, most of the firms are ready to spend a fortune on mobile shelving to make the most of every last bit of their inventory. Yet, simply making sure that your storage units are of the appropriate height can achieve similar results at a fraction of the cost.

Add Detailed Labels on Storage Units

No matter how much space you’ve got, keeping the stockroom organised is imperative. Again, this might seem to be very obvious, but labelling is always known to be the base of any well organised stockroom.

Of course, it is likely that you’d have some kind of labelling system installed, but it will benefit you to occasionally check them. Let’s say, though you would’ve labelled the tote boxes, individual shelving bays, or sections, have you used arrows or labels on the shelves to mark the accurate location it leads you to?

Doll Up the Stockroom

A stockroom is usually left unwelcoming or unfinished. So, our last way is to overturn this dreary trend and turn the room into a space which helps you raise the spirits.Studies show that a positive environment tends to boost employee productivity. So, anything that helps you spread positivity would turn out to be a worthy investment.

There are several methods to spruce up your stockroom and no matter what approach you opt for, you must most importantly try shifting the view of a lifeless stockroom into a pleasant space.

The bottom line is, apart from assisting you to effortlessly move your goods onto the sales area, a regimented stockroom would let you handle the inventory process much better. Also, with a well-organised stockroom comes great efficiency, which would mean less frustration.

To find an ideal storage solution for your stockroom needs you can get in touch with us today!