Management of shipping operations and supply chain plays a major role in increasing the business revenue. However, over the past few years, the shipping industry has been highly unprofitable. There are several reasons behind it, such as lack of management, poor warehouse efficiency, etc.

An optimised shipping operation can directly result in higher profits because of cost reductions and improved processes. Basically, shipping operations is a process of moving goods and information. It is one of the main components of business process, as it not only impacts the overall revenue but customer relations as well.

Mentioned below are 5 efficient ways that can help you improve shipping operations and in turn increase the overall revenue of your business.

Go For Information Management System

Installing a customised information management system can help you in many ways, such as warehouse management, supply chain management, order tracking, inventory management and on-time delivery of goods. However, getting an information management system can affect your budget as it is not a cost-effective option.

But, you can still go for inexpensive and consistent software that can offer you the same visibility of products as IMS and provide a quick process of customers’ orders. Implementing IMS can reduce half of your problems and manage your shipping operation in a much better way.

Organise Space In Inventory

Organise Space In Inventory

It is often seen that many businesses don’t have enough space in their inventory to manage goods. Insufficient space in inventory can lead to shortage of supplies and order delaying. To manage your inventory space more efficiently, you can install a shelving system. A shelving system will help you keep things organised and well maintained.

Also, when it comes to storing goods in a well-organised manner, labelling and packaging can help. You can use clear storage boxes for storing the products so that you don’t waste time searching.. However, if you’re still lacking on the inventory space, you can hire third-party logistics. But, before opting for a third party, make sure you analyse the information management system and customer data insights. It will give you an idea about the quantity, type, packages, and much more.

Train Your Staff

If every operation in a warehouse is running on modern technologies, it is necessary to provide training to your staff about it. Most of the operation in a warehouse is handled by managers and other staff members, which makes them responsible for every operation that takes place.

Conduct regular training sessions for your staff to make them aware about the new technologies. It will help them make shipping operation more efficient and faster so that customers can receive their products on time. Speeding up shipping operations will develop a tangible and competitive advantage for your business.

Offer High-Value Package Tracking

If any of your clients have expensive and high-risk-of-theft packages to ship, offer then a high-value package tracking service. Providing a tracking device attached to shipment will help them know where the product is. Also, they will not worry even if the package goes missing from the shipment truck, as it could be easily traced with the help of the tracking device.

Providing better service to your clients as compared to competitors, you can enjoy the financial and non-economic benefits.

Improve Customer Care Service

Improve Customer Care Service

It is natural to receive a call from the client c if their product is not shipped on time. But, receiving several calls and answering them can prove to be a time-consuming not to mention a significant operating expense for a company.

Allow your clients to track their own shipment through the internet or with package-level tracking to reduce this unnecessary expense and customer care calls.

The shipping of goods and services can significantly affect the overall revenue of a business. So, it is important to show consistency and reliability in shipping operations. To improve shipping operations in a warehouse, you need proper storage of goods, so get in touch with us to know how we can help you.