Do you have a dream of owning a home that has a huge white fence? Has your idea of spending a Sunday afternoon always meant working on some DIY project or cleaning your car? Would a huge garden designed exactly how you like appeal to the adult inside of you?

But with homeownership comes great responsibility. In order to help you determine whether or not it’s time to purchase a home, the team at Plastic Box Warehouse have pulled together the 4 signs that indicate you can finally move out of that rented apartment and get your foot on the property ladder.

You’ve filed a noise complaint

You’re really frustrated and tired after a long day at work and all that you need at the moment is SLEEP! But your night owl neighbours are all about keeping you (and the rest of your apartment block) wide awake until 4 AM with their stupidly loud bass speakers.

Walls as thin as paper is something every apartment dweller has an issue with. Perhaps it was amusing in the initial stage to listen to those shower serenades of your neighbour or the ridiculous arguments they got themselves wrapped up in.

However, an annoyance which was once really only a minor one could eventually turn into a major conflict. So much so that it might end up affecting your sleep, as well as your health. If such is the case and you’ve already filed a noise complaint, then it is a sign that renting an apartment is no longer what you want – or need.

You’ve spent a significant amount of money on multiple repairs

You’ve spent a significant amount of money on multiple repairs

Imagine this – it is 2 in the morning and out of the blue, your toilet starts running. Now, you have a few choices. You can start to tinker with it and see if you can fix it yourself, call a plumber out and get it sorted there and then… Or call your landlord, sleep easy knowing you don’t need to lift a finger and carry on without a worry. If it’s the latter then it’s likely a sign that you’re not quite ready to jump into the at times, complicated world of being a homeowner.

Owning a home comes with a truckload of responsibilities and it means just one thing – you’re the one who needs to look after its maintenance. This, of course, includes each and every irksome task, right from getting rid of that accumulated hair in your shower drain, to unclogging the toilet when the need arises.

You’ve started feeling confined

You’ve started feeling confined

Have you started getting vibes that your bedroom feels more of “bed” rather than a “room”? Have you put every storage tip to use and stacked those space-saving tote boxes right up to the ceiling, yet still feel that your place is flooded with a shipload of clutter?

Well, then it’s high time that you move out of that tiny apartment and get yourself a bigger home.

Using effective storage solutions is an important part of living in any location, whether that’s an owned or rented space. There are those of us that are more sentimental than others, meaning that the term “hoarder” gets thrown around a little more often.

However, at Plastic Box Warehouse, we think that holding on to items that have meaning is absolutely fine, provided they are stored in a safe manner.

These solutions will give you an opportunity to sort things out and help you make moving as easy as it should be. Besides, you’ll also be able to determine which pieces of furniture you actually need and what you must donate.

You’re all set to begin investing your money

It has finally started to bother you that you are essentially paying someone else’s mortgage by continuing to rent, rather than own your own place. The equity you would’ve been able to build instead of paying rent each month is enough to make you hyperventilate.

Whilst it can be quite daunting to start thinking about owning your first home, the satisfaction of knowing it is yours to keep for as long as you wish is certainly one of the many factors that make it worth it.

So if you’re sure that you are ready to get your foot on the property ladder, it’s time to start making plans – and of course, packing up your belongings and storing them in reliable plastic boxes until the time comes to move. For more information on our high-quality storage solutions, get in touch with our team today.