Let’s face it. Currently, if we mess things up on Earth, we have nowhere else to go. If we destroy our beautiful planet once and for all, life ends and there will no going back. With that in mind, the team at Plastic Box Warehouse thought it would be a good idea to share some ideas on how businesses can help reduce their carbon footprint so that we can all stay on this planet and enjoy everything it has to offer.

The place where we spend so many hours in a day, often referred to as our second home, must be eco-friendly if we are to stand a chance. Our place of work is also a place that is constantly abuzz with activity – and where there is activity, there is also waste and residue, too.

However, there are some very simple techniques that your business can implement to reduce its carbon footprint. Check them out below:

Save Power

With every watt of power that we go without, we are doing a big favour to Mother Nature. Here are some simple hacks to save electricity in at the workplace:


If you don’t believe this can make a huge difference, have a quick glance around the office or warehouse. You will find many electricals plugged in that are not even being used.

Additionally, unplug any adapters that aren’t being used. These adapters consume more power than most of the appliances that are currently in use.

The next time you detach your phone or shut down a machine, ensure that you turn off the switch whilst you’re at it. Machines that aren’t in use shouldn’t be plugged in to a live socket. You will be surprised to see how much money you can save by employing this simple trick, but better yet, you’ll be saving the planet too!

Leave Screensavers in the Past

Screensavers have become a thing of the past. Sleep is the new cool! If you have set screensavers on your electrical machines, simply swap them to sleep mode and allow your machine and the planet to breathe a little.

Increase use of Solar Power

In countries that are blessed with plenty of sunlight, work places can easily make use of solar power to save the environment. It may be an expensive system to install initially, but it is just a one-time investment and needs very little maintenance.

The biggest benefit of using solar power is that it can help you save a lot of money in the long run, whilst doing your bit to help the planet. The savings are a result of becoming self sufficient in terms of your electricity requirements.

In order to encourage the use of solar power, governments across the world are offering incentives for every solar watt you produce.

Let There Be Light – Just Make Sure It’s the Good Kind


This section may be interlinked with the one detailed above, but it certainly deserves its own space in a blog like this. Here are some simple techniques to save electricity by turning down the lighting:

Natural Light

Natural light not only brings down your electricity consumption, but it also brightens up the workplace atmosphere. It shouldn’t come as a rude shock to you but close to 40 per cent of commercial consumption of electricity stems from artificial lighting.

That is the extent to which the human race can bring down their electricity consumption with the help of solar power and natural lighting.

Another effective way to save electricity is to turn off the lights at night. We understand there is confidential data in your office, but with the right safeguarding measures in place thanks to the impending GDPR, data breaches should be a thing of the past.

Make use of Motion Sensors

Using motion sensors is an ingenious way to cut down electricity. It allows us to be lazy and eco-friendly at the same time. With the help of these sensors, there will no longer be unnecessary electricity wastage in conference rooms and office spaces.

Use Light Colours

Did you seriously think that the turn-down-lighting part was only applicable to your electricity fixtures? You can also reduce your electricity consumption by simply toning down the colours on your walls.

Using light colours on walls can help you reduce the need to use artificial lighting. A brighter atmosphere definitely demands less use of electricity.

Stock Up on SuppliesEco ALCs on dolly

Reusable Pens

We may have become smitten with the culture of using things that can be thrown away after one use, but this culture of convenience may have done us more harm than good.

By stocking reusable pens, we can bring down plastic waste and also prevent the office treasury from being emptied further.

Use recyclable storage solutions

The days of using cardboard boxes as storage are pretty much long gone. Instead, your business should be utilising durable, plastic containers that can be stacked on top of one another when not in use.

But if your business finds they no longer need the extra storage at all, then these attached lid containers are 100% recyclable, meaning they won’t take up an ounce of landfill space when you’re done with them.

Keep a tab on the cabinet

The supply cabinet of any office should be under the exclusive control of one or two people in the office. Such supervision ensures that stationary is not being misused or wasted.

Print Waste

Print waste is one of those things that prevent most offices from becoming eco-friendly. We aren’t exactly sure why trees have to be torn down when pretty much every workplace has access to electronic devices. Save trees and go digital instead.

Go Casual

Not every industry allows its employees to dress in a cool way and we understand that. But as and when possible, we should suit down and prevent some valuable electricity usage that goes into dry cleaning and ironing them from time to time.

Besides electricity, it can also save us a lot of time and effort.


Imagine the benefits of turning your home into an office. Not only is an office space no longer required for many jobs, but also those ironed shirts, commercial electricity and office supplies could be massively reduced.


This probably belongs to the power saving section listed above, but it’s also one of the most in demand office supplies. Making use of LEDs can drastically cut down your electricity consumption, as it requires lesser energy to operate.

Ban Straws in The Workplace

Thanks to a brilliant campaign that started off the back of Sir David Attenborough’s popular Blue Planet series, companies everywhere are banning the use of straws.

The Queen of England declared a war on disposable straws after watching the series and huge corporates everywhere have followed suit.

McDonald’s have announced that they will be trying out paper straws from May, all JD Wetherspoon pubs stopped using plastic straws at the start of the year and others are about to follow suit – such as Pizza Express, Wagamama’s, Costa Coffee, Pret A Manger and numerous major supermarkets.

Saving on Principles


The concept of sharing resources has picked up in recent times. It has acquainted people with the potential of saving money and reducing waste by sharing things.


It’s also a good option to buy second hand products that are in good condition for office use. The excuse that they will keep manufacturing irrespective of whether you buy or not will not work. They may lower their production if many people begin to think like you do.

Save Water

Bathrooms and kitchens are the biggest source of water waste. Well, you’re right about them being the only spaces with water but the point here is to prevent the wastage of water in these two spaces by making use of smart plumbing and a bit of common sense.

Regulate Temperature

Offices in a bid to be cool, maintain lower temperatures. But that is not how it works right? Set the temperature that is comfortable for everyone and it will help you save on ski-high bills from desk fans and heaters.


We have all studied the basic principle of tackling wastage. The infamous three R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

But times have changed and so should old phrases. There is another R that you should add to the above list and that is Repair. Instead of buying new appliances, you can try repairing the defective ones.


Remember how we talked about adding another ‘R’? Let’s add another one to the sequence and this time it will be Re-think. You can always re-think on your present strategy to be more eco-friendly.

Plant the Seed

There are two very important implications of this point. The first to plant trees anywhere and everywhere possible. And the second plant the seed of saving the planet in the minds of those around us.

So, without further ado, start doing your bit to save Mother nature!

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